If Your Fonts Stop Working With Windows 7-Here's What To Do

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If Your Fonts Stop Working With Windows 7-Here's What To Do

Post by GrayceeJewel1 on 2015-04-13, 02:12

If you have Windows 7 and your fonts quit working recently, here is why and how you can fix it.

On a recent Windows update for Windows 7 it made OTF fonts not work which in turn are causing some people to not be able to use ANY of their fonts and some just not able to use their OTF fonts. In order to correct this, what needs done is one of the following:


1. Restore your computer to about a week and half ago.

2. Wait about 5 or 10 minutes after doing so and then search for Windows Update by clicking on the globe in the bottom left corner and then type in Windows Update in the search bar.

3. Click on Windows Update and then on your updates right click on each of them and hide them all except the one that has to do with the clock. If you click on them it will tell you on the right what it is. I tried hiding one at a time trying to find which one it was and it done it on all of them except the one that has to do with the clock.


1. Go to control panel click on Programs

2. Click on Uninstall a Program

3. Look on left hand side and you will see View Installed Updates

4. Click on it and wait for them to load

5. Scroll down through them and any that were installed within the last week or so, click on them and when you do at the top Uninstall will pop up and you click on that and wait for it uninstall it and do that for each one. You can see what date they were installed by using the scroll bar at the bottom and moving it over. DO THIS JUST ON THE ONES THAT WERE INSTALLED WITHIN THE LAST WEEK.

6. After you do this, follow #2 & #3 above.

They have narrowed it down to one particular upgrade even though all of them except the one messed with my fonts. You can read it here:


If you still have the upgrades on your computer according to this you can delete just this one and it should work.

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