PSP 2018 Update .. need to vent (lol)

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PSP 2018 Update .. need to vent (lol)

Post by itsmcy on 2017-09-29, 22:34


I just need to vent .. I am using PSP 2018 .. patch available for update .. but, update didn't work  getting a error message .. Thought, if I did a clean install it might work but, nothing ..  So,  using PSP9 .. hoping that will work until I can get 2018 back up  and running?  I hope Corel realizes they will be getting a call from me! Moral of the story: think twice before you update?
:swearing: :online: :headscratch:

update:  it seems that PSP 2018 is fixed and working (for the moment?!) :hooray:

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