More Linking Info Compliments of Sam...TY

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More Linking Info Compliments of Sam...TY

Post by GrayceeJewel1 on 2015-08-22, 15:09

Links are pretty easy to learn in these forums. The little button at the top by the you tube one, it looks like a a little link. Here it is in the screen shot below.

This box comes up

Then in the link area you put your link and in the text are you put whatever text you want. Like i put TEMPLATE1 in that area. You have to type it on the page first, so you would put TEMPLATE1 and then highlight that word before opening up the box to put the link and text in and then you just type in the same word in the text area TEMPLATE1 and then click insert and your done. I hope i have explained that okay lol.

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